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Swansea Capital Building Committee (CBC)
Derek HeimChairSelectmen appointment
Marc LapointeVice ChairSelectmen appointment
Robert Alford IIrepresenting the Advisory and Finance Committee
William AndersonTown Engineer
Paul BurkeSelectmen appointment
Sarah Carlsonrepresenting the Advisory and Finance Committee
James Carvalhorepresenting the School Committee
Chris HajderSelectmen appointment
John HansenPlanning Board designee
Ryan PachecoSelectmen appointment
John Salzillorepresenting the Advisory and Finance Committee
Mallory AronsteinTown Administrator


Owner's Project Manager (OPM)
Joe SullivanProject DirectorCHA Consulting, Inc.
Kevin SullivanProject ManagerCHA Consulting, Inc.
Casey HochheimerAssistant Project ManagerCHA Consulting, Inc.
Christina OpperClient ManagerCHA Consulting, Inc.
Sherry WaldmanCommunications SpecialistCHA Consulting, Inc.


Design Team (Architect)
Peter J. Turowski, AIAPrincipal-in-ChargeT2 Architecture
Libby Turowski, MCPPOPrincipal DesignerT2 Architecture
Timothy Brennan, RAProject Architect / Project ManagerT2 Architecture
Daniel Tenney III, AIAPrincipal-in-ChargeWeston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
Brian McCuster, RAProject Architect / Project ManagerWeston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.