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A new Municipal Complex, which will include a combined Town Hall/Council on Aging and a Highway Facility on the former Del Mac Orchard property, is intended to provide for efficient governing, both managerially and operationally, consolidation of offices, one-stop shopping for residents and business owners, and appropriate gathering spaces. This project will also allow for the public to use their facility and eliminate the economic waste of fixing up buildings that are unable to house our services.

Siting all of the intended uses of this Complex in a geographically central and accessible location will allow for financial sensitivity, the easiest use by the public, and the most cost-efficient construction due to an economy of scale. This strategic siting of the Complex will also lend itself to further development of public buildings and uses.

With all of the described project benefits, this Municipal Complex will serve the Town for years to come by paying it forward for future generations.

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Conceptual Design Presentation
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