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Municipal Complex - project history

Sep 2023

Public Outreach Meetings

The Capital Building Committee (CBC) will be hosting Public Information meetings and forums on September 13th, September 14th, and October 18th.  Members of the CBC and project representatives will also be attending School Open Houses and Community Events throughout September and October and will be available to provide project information or..Read More

Aug 2023

Initial Conceptual Options

At the August 30th meeting of the Capital Building Committee (CBC) and the Design Team presented Building Options, Site Options, Program Summary and Reduction, Budget Summary, and Next Steps. To view the recording of the meeting, visit the Photos & Videos page, or to view the Conceptual Design Presentation, visit..Read More

Jun 2023

OPM and Designer Procurement Finalized

Over the Spring of 2023, the Town conducted a thorough selection process for an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and Designer (Architect) for the municipal complex project. CHA Consulting, Inc. was selected to provide OPM Services, and the team of T2 Architecture and Weston & Sampson were selected to provide Design..Read More

Oct 2022

Funding for OPM and Designer Approved

At a Special Town Meeting, held on October 24, 2022, residents voted 295 to 120 in favor of Article 7 requesting not more than $200,000 to fund hiring a project manager and designer for renovating an existing building or designing a new complex that would combine offices of Town Hall,..Read More

Oct 2022

Final Recommendations Issued by CBC

On October 18, 2022, the CBC presented their final recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

Jun 2022

First Meeting of the Capital Building Committee

On June 16, 2022 the Capital Building Committee (CBC) held its first meeting.

Dec 2021

Board of Selectmen create Capital Building Committee

Established on December 14, 2021, the mission of the Capital Building Committee (CBC) is “To assist the Town in developing a financial plan for public facilities to be built, including but not limited to a Town Hall, Council on Aging, Highway Garage, or Fire Statin, as well as to develop..Read More

Oct 2021

Town Hall Proposal Abandoned

The Town abandoned a proposal to move town office into a privately owned space, due to legal constraints that arose during negotiations with the selected vendor.

May 2021

Town Search for Municipal Office space

Municipal Offices proposal: Town searches for existing building space for all Town offices and receives only two proposals. The Town opts for the Swansea Mall property and explores it.

May 2018

Vote (failed): Town Hall and Town Hall Annex building

The town proposed a new municipal complex to house the services currently located in Town Hall, the Town Hall Annex, the Council on Aging, and the Department of Public Works. At a Special Town Meeting held in May 2018, a vote failed to approve the required $9.5 million by a..Read More

Oct 2013

Vote #2 (failed): Highway Facility

At the 2013 Town Meeting, another attempt to fund a Highway Facility Garage project fell short of the required vote to approve the request to use $600,000 of town money to construction a new building with an estimated construction cost of $1.35M (with an additional $750,000 in funding to come..Read More

Nov 2012

Vote #1 (failed): Highway Facility

At the 2012 Town Meeting, the Highway Facility Garage project fell short of the required 2/3 majority vote to approve the request to borrow $797,000 (with an additional $750,000 in funding to come from Chapter 90 state aid). The majority voted 175-133 in favor during a secret ballot vote after..Read More